Who Sang Talk to Me, Part II? Y’akoto

Y’akoto Moody Blues cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-8-22
length: 3:12
producer: HazE
vocal: Y’akoto
mixer: Ricky Ojijo
arranger: Y’akoto
composer: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck
lyricist: Jennifer Yaa Akoto Kieck

Talk to me part two...

[Verse 1]
You're thinking
You think, you think about things
You think as much as you can
And then you think about what you have thought
And think about it again
And I keep on staring
And I'm wondering
"Baby what are you thinking?"
But I know to know I'm going to ask him and tell him
"Love what are you thinking?"

Amplify your thoughts
Baby move your lips
Tell me what you think
So I can stop wondering

Come on, speak up, celebrate your words
Clean out your mind, so we can make this work

[Verse 2]
There is nothing to lose
If there is nothing to gain
Baby, I came here to stay
And no matter what decision you make
My love for you won't pass away
I know it's hard for you to internalize
That you don't want me
Give me some time and some peace of mind
And I will run back to you again



Come on, speak up, celebrate your words
Come on, we can make it work!




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