Who Sang Close my eyes? Yacht.

Release information
Release Date: 2008-3-5
Genre: Rock
This is the place I love best
But I don't know the name
The wind is blowing
I feel calm when I come here
I can forget
Something I cherished had disappeared from my heart
And once again, I am depending on you here today
※”It lasts forever, forever, forever...”
You said to me,
”I love your smile,
Remember me when you get tired.”
I just float in time, float in time, float in time...
And I can't stop
I close my eyes
Imagine your smile
And open the next door※
This is the place I love best
I met you in this place
The sun is shining
I wish I could stop the time
I can hear your voice
Expose my hands to the sun
I can see things clearly now
The words you said, I will never forget
You told me to believe, ah

CD 1
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  • 5 Take it easy(Steppin' ver.)
  • 6 Close my eyes
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