Who Sang Lonely? Yael Naïm

Yael Naïm Yael Naim cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-22
length: 4:06
piano: Yael Naïm
lead vocals: Yael Naïm
cello: Yoed Nir
composer: Yael Naïm, Anne Warin
lyricist: Yael Naïm, Anne Warin
arranger: Yael Naïm, David Donatien
You are not alone
I am here with you
Even when you're scared
I'll never leave you
Standing in a storm

Making it insane
Once again, I will try
To enchain you
But you open your eyes to the sky
And whisper

[Chorus: ]
That you are so lonely
You are so alone
You're so alone
You're so lonely, so lonely

So I'm coloring my face
While I am here with you
Imagining the landscape of your sorrow
Is it yellow or blue?

Coloring the sky, and the trees
And the clouds, and the moonlight
I'd colored your heart
If you didn't I did

[Chorus: ]
You're so alone
You're so lonely, so lonely

And I wish you could just find home

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