Who Sang Older? Yael Naïm

Yael Naïm Older cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-3-16
length: 3:18
Into the light, older
she doesn't fight, call her
losing her mind, colder
It doesn't feel right, ending so fast
so... dream, swim, with him, with him

can not rewind, tell her
she will be fine, hold her
thinking how strong you love her
feeling so sad, staying in bed
so... dream, swim, with him, with him

now we could swim all over the sea, you and me
I will follow you wherever you're going
all those years are passing by, now that it's over, still i'm
here beside you before you're leaving,
so... dream, swim, with him, with him...

here's our story
my eyes are blurry
but please don't worry
the light will take you high
you can fly ... (dream…)

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