Who Sang Shelcha? Yael Naïm

Yael Naïm Yael Naim cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-10-22
length: 4:39
vocal: Kid With No Eyes
double bass: Ilan Abou
cello: Yoed Nir
choir vocals & lead vocals: Yael Naïm
Rhodes piano & piano & acoustic guitar: Yael Naïm
percussion & udu & electric guitar: David Donatien
lyricist: Yael Naïm, Clément Verzi
arranger: Yael Naïm, David Donatien
composer: Yael Naïm, Clément Verzi
Too many screams in my throat
Too many faces, too many plans
That I wanted to change

So many words, if I can tell you
There's no other love
But the one I live with you

Still don't know how
We let all this happened
Will this war last forever and ever?

They've burned my hands
Cut my hair and steal my soul
But do you really want to know?

Rest in peace with my sorrows
Are we alone or together
Or are you my greatest war?

CD 1
  • 1 Paris
  • 2 Too Long
  • 3 New Soul
  • 4 Levater
  • 5 Shelcha
  • 6 Lonely
  • 7 Far Far
  • 8 Yashanti
  • 9 7 Baboker
  • 10 Lachlom
  • 11 Toxic
  • 12 Pachad
  • 13 Endless Song of Happiness