Who Sang Erasing Your Existence? Year of Desolation

Year of Desolation Year of Desolation cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2007-1-23
length: 3:42
My love for you is nothing but a myth now, I have died over and over again for these f****** emotions. Sacrifice is what is bleeding my heart, why? Won't you reveal your whole true self? Reputation of lies, legitimate accusations of you, a testament to the strength of despise in an elaborate plan to execute me through you. Your face won't haunt my dreams, your touch won't burn my skin, your voice won't deafen my ears or belittle my being because now you're dead.
I'll remold this life from nothing, I will arise to a new plain of consciousness above your own pathetic life. I've found a true place in this world. I am stronger now, I am beyond all of your fake ambitions my soul burns with the new found strength of solitude. Now that I no longer drink from your well, I've grown stronger. I AM stronger. Now that my blood's free of your poison, now that my heart's cut from your strings: my pulse is harder. I've grown harder. You once said: I was your everything. Now you're my nothing.

CD 1
  • 1 Elitist Death Squad
  • 2 Running the Guantlet
  • 3 Suffer Thy Nemesis
  • 4 Erasing Your Existence
  • 5 The Economy of Excess
  • 6 Forged in the Flames of Malcontent
  • 7 Gorge
  • 8 539
  • 9 The Cleansing
  • 10 Consume the Destroyer
  • 11 All in Vain