Who Sang All of You and All of Me? Yearling

Release information
Release Date: 2007-5-8
length: 4:23
All of you and all of me,
everything that came between us,
whether good or whether bad,
permanent or fading fast,
is all that we will ever need.
It's more than we could ever see.
Through the haze,
we make our way
through the crushing
storm we face.
We find love.
We find pain.
As the swingset slowly rusts,
and the memory turns to dust,
we resound, we leap and bound,
and the toy is slow unwound,
and one day
we'll fly away.
Well as they say, and as we've found,
what goes up must come back down,
But you were more than just around,
and this was so much more than sound.

  • 1 Kaleidoscope
  • 2 The View From Here
  • 3 Holiday
  • 4 I, Flight Machine
  • 5 Slowdance
  • 6 Picture Prose
  • 7 Low Earth Orbit
  • 8 Arrow and Archer
  • 9 Picturesque
  • 10 Luna
  • 11 Atlantis
  • 12 Bells
  • 13 All of You and All of Me