Who Sang Low Earth Orbit? Yearling

Release information
Release Date: 2007-5-8
length: 3:12
While we fixated on the forest
tonight, i'll be walking through the brushfire
because here the dark means everything.
All I hope is that we're ready for it,
alone, a single voice without the chorus,
and here the words mean everything
I guess, yes I confess,
that i'm a child orphaned, abandoned,
here, waiting at your steps,
to come inside.
There's always a change,
it's never the same.
Spinning out of orbit faster.
Washed out in the wave.
Reaching for a suitcase
as we spin around.
As the cessation of the twilight
provides the telescope through which I untie
my illusions misapplied,
here I bisect a great divide
between the endeavors of a lifetime
and good intentions gone ary

  • 1 Kaleidoscope
  • 2 The View From Here
  • 3 Holiday
  • 4 I, Flight Machine
  • 5 Slowdance
  • 6 Picture Prose
  • 7 Low Earth Orbit
  • 8 Arrow and Archer
  • 9 Picturesque
  • 10 Luna
  • 11 Atlantis
  • 12 Bells
  • 13 All of You and All of Me