Who Sang Slowdance? Yearling

Release information
Release Date: 2007-5-8
length: 4:01
I hope my lungs can breathe you in
like the slow of winter drowns in everything.
I know it feels so innocent
to break the silence with the obvious.
All this shaking isn't waking me,
and all this taking isn't breaking me.
I'll be fast asleep until you see
all this shaking isn't waking me.
And though, the trees, they tell of this,
my lips won't speak the words too delicate.
This is our slowdance romance, so intimate,
so the rest is told in better form and fit.

  • 1 Kaleidoscope
  • 2 The View From Here
  • 3 Holiday
  • 4 I, Flight Machine
  • 5 Slowdance
  • 6 Picture Prose
  • 7 Low Earth Orbit
  • 8 Arrow and Archer
  • 9 Picturesque
  • 10 Luna
  • 11 Atlantis
  • 12 Bells
  • 13 All of You and All of Me