Who Sang A Day When the World Started to Weep? Yearning

Yearning Evershade cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-13
Genre: Rock
Style: Doom Metal
length: 11:15
A dawn rose slow and quietly from a womb of meaning
Suddenly a barren face of agony was brought to light
And it sang a cry of mankind, heart-wrenching threnody
That grew to immense heights too dreadful to describe
Still we stood with our eyes fixed into the ground
Wishing we could be somewhere far away
And the rain of tears burst from the skies upon us -
The drowning, while shrieks beyond the centuries
Pierced our souls to the edge of death
The sun became our most dreadful enemy
Our bodies burning, still never dying
Wishing you never were stillborn with us

CD 1
  • 1 Nocturne
  • 2 Statues Amidst a Frozen Sand of Time
  • 3 Conditio Humana
  • 4 Aureole
  • 5 Evershade
  • 6 Deathbearer
  • 7 Contemplation
  • 8 A Day When the World Started to Weep