Who Sang Contemplation? Yearning

Yearning Evershade cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-10-13
Genre: Rock
Style: Doom Metal
length: 6:47
Can you draw a line between self and world

And bear it all

For there's dark and cold but you're colder inside

And torn apart

So you're watching the fall of everything around

With your tired eyes

Mocking the absurd from your withdrawn chamber

Where you've buried alive

Sullen seas of emptiness

Apparently you're free but still chained to the world

Belied with intensions

Take the poison now, let the world explode

And be reborn from emptiness

The only true insight will come after all is ruined and gone

At the final point where nothing is to be undone

CD 1
  • 1 Nocturne
  • 2 Statues Amidst a Frozen Sand of Time
  • 3 Conditio Humana
  • 4 Aureole
  • 5 Evershade
  • 6 Deathbearer
  • 7 Contemplation
  • 8 A Day When the World Started to Weep