Who Sang Get Straight? Yelawolf

Yelawolf Black Fall cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2013-10-31
length: 4:03

Shady Aftermath
Whoo Kid, let's go
10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

[DJ Paul]

This that trailer park hood s***
Yelawolf, DJ Paul, let's go

Crack that .40 out the gate
Yeah m*********** get straight
If a m*********** got s*** to say
Crack that f***** in the face
Get straight (get straight), now get straight (get straight)
Yeah m*********** get straight
There ain't a m*********** got s*** to say
Cause we'll set this b**** off out the gate

[Verse 1]
My beer bottle is ice cold
Drunk falls like I'm blindfold
Head busting them Xanax I'm a wild cracker that might blow
Got duct-tape on light pole
In a big cup like a [?]
No need for that codeine no need to lean in my Chevy
Hit high-beams on [?]
Yelawolf is a psycho
Sling Blades and renegades they operate at my shows
f*** blood stains on the T-shirt I'm famous I don't buy clothes
Bouncing all in them mosh holes
[?] like a rhino
Killin s*** now get a grip like handlebars on the vinyl
In the woods or a porch I could've been Hollywood in a condo
Practice with that Glock 9 you see them stop-sign holes

[Verse 2]
Straighten up like a light pole
Straighten up like a seat back when you see that P-I-G dash
On the corner waiting f*** get back when you been drinking that bottle
Laying down on that throttle, here they coming now oh no
I'm all night partying, till my body's in, shock and I'll be in, overload
I'm la-dee-dah'ing, I don't care about much at all, I've got too much money
I'm in a Ferrari and, woke up in a new Bugatti and, threw up in a [?]
I don't got to
Give me the best MC I'll body him
Let him drown in his little bitty fish bowl
Are they gonna run up and say, p**** can I get a hit, (No)
I'll let you get a hit by the 2 mil' like a rope torn of a mixtape
One, two, then boil three
I put CD's and MP3's to make OG's look like (kinfolk)
You better put a mint fresh on a patty belt if you [?]
If you ain't a rapper still you better put a grill in front of that [?]
b**** I'm a hungry hippo
f*** 'em all, like a nympho
They can suck my [?] from a pile of beans (Pinto)
Drive this b**** in a ditch I'm filthy rich but I'm (Pinto)
Dollar at cheaa, (kinfolk) haller at cheaa (kinfolk)

Y'all already know what the f*** it is
f*****' nuts in here right now
Shady, (fatality), let's go


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