Who Sang Ride or Die? Yellow Claw & Dirtcaps feat. Kalibwoy

Kalibwoy Blood for Mercy cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-11-20
Genre: Electronic Hip Hop
Style: Electro House/Trap
length: 3:48

Dawg enuh, awrite

[Verse 1:]
Man a real rude bway wid de Hennessy
Mi a pump up de place wid mi energy
De drum an de bass a de remedy
An fyah affi blaze pon a enemy
Wi born straight never not pretend to be
An de gyal dem a love off wi energy
Bottles pop it, pop it, pop it, pop it like it spread yuh si
Fyah affi blaze pon a enemy
An mi a bun up anyweh
Rightnow mi deh wid Yellow Claw
Wi mek de whole place a burn up
Mi an de rude bway deh yah
An yuh know wi neva lauf
De whole place a burn up

(Right now wi burn it up, burn it up)
Fyah blaze an mek it burn up
Blaze an mek it burn up

[Verse 2:]
Mia de fyah starter
Suh fyah cyah done
We run de place wi guh up an set out
Full a energy
Fe de enemy neva load
Wi mek de fyah bun
Cau’ dem know wen bad man a
Enter, enter
Cannot cool wi tempah
Wen it comes to dancehall
Mi a de defender
Remember wi nuh kno
Nutt’n nuh surrender
Mi heart ice cold
Cau’ mi cum outta de center


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