Who Sang Don't Be Afraid? Yellow Ostrich

Yellow Ostrich Cosmos cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2014-2
Genre: Rock
Style: Indie Rock
length: 4:25

Don't be afraid
These people tear at you
But they don't have time
To do more than try
So don't be afraid

The city bleeds red
It takes more than I can bear
But outside these walls
A quiet voice calls
"don't be afraid"

I know you are lost
I know there's some kind of doubt
But if I am fake
Don't let me wake
And don't be afraid

And all the things I said to you
And all the things I know you wanna do
They seem distant now
But soon they'll be found
So don't be afraid

Don't be afraid
Don't be so hard to find
You bring all your friends
When you reach the end
So don't be afraid

CD 1
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  • 2 Neon Fists
  • 3 Shades
  • 4 My Moons
  • 5 You Are The Stars
  • 6 In The Dark
  • 7 Any Wonder
  • 8 How Do You Do It
  • 9 Things Are Fallin'
  • 10 Don't Be Afraid