Who Sang The Ceiling? Yellowbirds

Release information
Release Date: 2013-5-28
Genre: Rock
length: 5:03

And the roof caves in
Rain falls
Prisms mist off the glass frames
Hung from papered walls
Seated on flowered sofas
Bathing in their plastic covers
Beds fill with water
In the bedrooms of lovers
Sailing ships are sewn in pillows
By the hands of old grandmothers
Schools of pianos practice scales
In clouds of bubbles
Drown in it
Holding my breath
Drift away
An hour older
Drown again
Let all my sin
Wash away
Like someone else's
Like it all was a dream
Or a lie
The ceiling

CD 1
  • 1 Stop Tonight
  • 2 Mean Maybe
  • 3 Love Stories
  • 4 Young Men of Promise
  • 5 The Ceiling
  • 6 The Vanished Frontier
  • 7 Julian
  • 8 For Girls Who Love to Sing
  • 9 What's Out There