Who Sang Who Can Make the Dance Ram? Yellowman

Yellowman Zungguzungguguzungguzeng! cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1983
length: 6:56
Dedicate this one to all my fans
in Jamaica and in England,
specially in the United States,
German and France. Lord!

You make me feel alright
people make me feel alright, ???!
(Ca' me say) who can make the dance ram?
Who can make the dance ram?
Who can make it ???
Who can make it ???
No other DJ in this island
on go Yellowman can
but Yellowman can (the number one).
Who can make the dub play?
Who can make the dub play?
Night and day,
night and day.
No other song in this a island
on go my song can
but my song can (the champion).

Is I Yellowman with the mic ina my hand
the on go DJ do run down woman
ca' ina every parish me have fifty woman
the only DJ no run competition
but hear Yellowman on go sing one song.

A ram Yellow come a fi ram it
ca' yellowman him no chat it with apprentices

me on go name all the DJ in the island
you have Peter Metro,
you have Welton,
you have Brigadier,
you have Toyan,
you have Sassafras, Burru fi mi second
you have Fathead
and you have Peter Rank
well me come first and they come second
when me chat riddim one by one
is I Yellowman come fi ram up session!

ca' these DJ no run down woman
BMW ???
and if I am right I can't be wrong
so please play this on the radio station.

Relax, sweet, mmm, nice!

Fi know I Yellow come fi ram up session. Relax

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