Who Sang Close? Yelo Molo

Yelo Molo Méli‐molo cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2001-5-15
length: 2:54
I start to feel alone and I'm not even gone
It would be so cool to ear you sing me a song
But it would be cruel to ear you on the phone
Sing me a song, sing it in my dream

Don't run away from the dream we've made
Don't tell any one else
What you have whispered in my ears
When we were close

I wanna know how long it'll take
Let me go it is already too long(bis)

Fears are running in my mind through the darkness of the sun
Days far from home are marching very very slow
I see you in the night smiling and dazling
Sing me a song, sing it in my dream

Now we're going home
I leave all thoses fears
Days will run the moon will shine
I will be nice to hear you say my name
But instead of this...

...When we were close

CD 1
  • 1 Feel
  • 2 Close
  • 3 La Fable à la recherche d'une morale
  • 4 La Chose
  • 5 My Own Way
  • 6 See You
  • 7 Le Sentier étroit
  • 8 Délivrance
  • 9 Ma pluie
  • 10 Re‐Feel
  • 11 Goldorak
  • 12 Les Mystérieuses Cités d’or
  • 13 Hommage à Mario
  • 14 Le Petit Castor