Who Sang Vexilla Regis Inferni? yelworC

Release information
Release Date: 2004
length: 4:14
Open the view of yet another moat
The tale from sowers of scandal
The tale from sowers of schism
Is the tale from wounds and blood
Through black air comes along a smooth tongued talker
With his tongue hacked from his throat

There's a headless trunk that keeps running
By the hair it swings the severed head
Sower of scandal
Doomed to bear his brain cleft from the trunk
Sowers of schism ripped open from chin to breast
The measure of the offence is measured to the offender

Breast split open
Face split open

See how I rend myself
Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni

CD 1
  • 1 Blaze of Downfall
  • 2 Doom of Choronzon
  • 3 Triune Junction
  • 4 Prodigies of Black
  • 5 Vexilla Regis Inferni
  • 6 Trinity
  • 7 After Laughter
  • 8 Bloodwhited
  • 9 Caina's Curse
  • 10 Revelation
  • 11 D-Mask
  • 12 Beast Tamer
  • 13 Almighty Din
  • 14 Thru Me
  • 15 Pan*Demonium
  • 16 Hellfaction