Yesterdays Rising - Lightworker Lyrics

release date: 2005-7-12
genres: Rock
styles: Emo/Hard Rock/Punk
length: 3:08
when you nothing bianis
screaming at the corn
raise no question
but it is soar

would it ever come to mind
that if you rise above the highest tree
falling around that beauty i would take this opportunity

do you really wind up a duck
enough with enough big ceramic balls
slam dunk!! yeahhhhhh


were doing things that were under sad
at the road when we pushed him
for the first time was a mistake that i take credit for

climbing a tree the rest is all there
working a job wasting a lot more [x2]

i'll stand under this beautiful tree
i hope it doesn't break for nothings free
this is the shadow that i'm not afraid of
lightworker lightworker lightworker

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 To the Readers
  • 2 My Body Is Like a Metaphor
  • 3 I Am Fortunate to Know
  • 4 Lightworker
  • 5 Catastrophic
  • 6 Experience to Write
  • 7 He Who Waits Here Is to Become Part of the Mud
  • 8 The Hardest Part
  • 9 Becoming One With Nature
  • 10 Loss
  • 11 My Conscious Curiosity
  • 12 Let Us