Who Sang Bottle Service? YG

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Release information
Release Date: 2019-5-24
length: 2:53
Mustard on the beat, hoe

I'm that *****, that **********ing *****, *****
I'm that *****, that **********ing *****
My ***** that *****, she that **********ing *****
She got her own ****, natural, pretty, slim thick
I'm that *****, that **********ing *****, *****
I'm that *****, that **********ing *****
My ***** that *****, she that **********ing *****
She got her own ****, natural, pretty, slim thick

You madder than a ***** 'cause a ***** glowed up
I'm in a Aventador, this is not the Lambo' truck
I ain't the only one lit, my whole clique run it up
You want a G for free? For free? What the ****? (What the ****?)

I'm tired of these broke *** *****s standin' at the table
They wanna pull up and **** with the *****es, but they ain't buying no bottles
*****, buy some **********ing bottles, you, broke *** *****

I can't stand a broke *****, I can't stand a broke *****
Five bands in all-ones, I just threw a whole fit
I'ma whole boss *****, I keep me a boss *****
I write it down on paper, then I check it off the list
All day, I'm running plays, running plays, I'm running plays
Ain't got time to clean the house, *****, I got a maid
I came to make a movie, lil' *****, I think I'm Blade
I'm a movie star, tell the promoter I need a raise
I don't talk in circles, no, this not a maze
I just ****ed a bad *****, ooh, I'm in a daze
No, I'm not a water boy, *****, I'm in the game
Put some money on your head, twenty piece, chump change

Hell nah, hell nah, *****, move the **** out the **********ing way
I'm tryna get to the *****s with the bag, I'm tryna get flewed out
And not like that, but you look like you ain't flyin' out ****, *****

Pull up in a drop top, Uber, they ain't even hot
She was a good girl, but I turned her to a thot
Right pocket is a knot, left pocket hold a Glock
You can the next 50, *****, take these nine shots
You always got somethin' bad to say, you a hater
You *****s penny pinching, man, I'm itching for that paper
I want a big crib, glass floors, elevator
I like that in-house ***** like Flava Flava
You in that baby mama Benz, that is not a stunt
You swear you doing somethin', man, your head is corrupt
Get you a ***** like me, *****, I'm what's up
I just had to take her to brunch she let me ****

You talkin' like you got the **********ing check, but is you cuttin' it?
*****, that's your **********ing homeboy's section, *****
Talkin' all that **** with a G-Shock on
Got your phone out, recordin' like a *****, *****, put your phone down

Came through with a hundred *****s with me, I'm a leader
If he say he about to shoot the **** up, you better believe him
I'm a dog, I'm a lion, I'm a ****ing hyena
Got it out the mud, you can't dirty 'cause you a diva
Lil' Boosie in the speaker, so you know I don't give no ****s
YG hit your *****, I really hit it, wasn't luck
The war cost money, *****, get your dollars up
I'm buyin' handguns, choppas and bulletproof trucks
Still standin' ten years plus, I really do this
Pull your hair, hit it from the back, I really do this
Diamonds dancing, got these *****es jumpin' to conclusions
"YG ain't got a bag", *****, is you stupid?

What kinda car you drivin', *****?
What kind of *****es is you ****ing?
I'm a top notch ***** and I like top notch ****
You better get your bag together, lil' *****

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