Who Sang Her Story? YG feat. Day Sulan

Day Sulan 4REAL 4REAL cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2019-5-24
length: 1:58
Right back at you again and um
Tonight I'm bringin' you somethin' new, somethin' special
(Get ratchet ya *****)

You see the highlights of a life was not as a teen
Baby girl was homeless, had a ***** thuggin' in the streets
18, runnin' plays in the streets, dealin' with them weirdos *****s
In-between family wasn't no real love she ever seen
Head beat, mentally depressed, baby was not what she seemed
Always gleam, kept a smile on the face, avoid the questioning
Even though apparent how she moved, she done seen some things
Prolly had some dreams, diminished by the look of things
Reality, lost her way and started strippin'
More pain, 13 and the fam yellin', "Prolly all you'll ever be
Ho-in', strippin' in the streets, you'll be pregnant by 15" Said bet money, they bet money
Mama ain't have time for her, daddy never cared for her
Never had the guidance only downin' words that's drownin' her
Cut off from the world, **** was cold to her
Tried to kill herself but ****, it didn't work
Mama laughed, it broke her heart
Built from scabs, so pain don't hurt
Never built a day she worked
Hard to get it back when all they did was stomp it in the dirt
Now look at her, 21 and numb, she still feel pain but it don't bother her
Puttin' family first, even after all the dirt

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