Who Sang After I F**k Ya Bi*** (remix)? Yo Gotti

Release information
Release Date: 2003-5-13
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Gangsta
length: 4:38
After I **** your *****
Then I'm a tell you bout it
If you a trick *** *****
You'll be ****ed up about it
I hope you don't start
No ****in' beef about it
Or I'll take her name and yo name
And make a rap about it

Now all y'all *****s know pimpin' ain't dead
And these hoes followin' us like Simon said
I only trust me myself and I you ask me why
Cause the first time I seen a man cry
Was because a *****
She broke his heart
She left him for dead
Though my h boom coon
Gassed up the ***** head
Every ***** don't love you
He just tryin' to rich
And here the *****es fail for the **** (so hear this)
These *****s got a couple birds
You know how that go
We snatch a rumor that we heard
We finna vamp out
We rush in and ran in the door
In the ?
The ***** start screamin'
I padded her on the ***
Job well done
We got what we wanted it's to roll
I'm sittin' on a brick and half nothin' but old
These *****s lookin stupid it's hard to swallow
Imagine a ***** taking every dollar you done earn


Now you the hardest ***** in the hood
You talkin' ****
But you weak than a ************
We it comes to that *****
You better watch before I knock her
And get cha hot
You suppose to be my *****
But you huggin' your glock
You wanna kill me you wanna steal me
Over a ***** you wanna hurt me
You wanna curse me put me on disc
You dislike you fight me you wanna strike me
Wanna catch me and wear me like an old pair of nikes
It ain't over I saw your hoe ridin' in your rover
I was sober I pulled her over now I done stole her
My ***** better watch your ***** cause she been creepin'
My ***** me and your ***** we been like sleepin'
She been talkin' about your stash and I been hurtin'
I gotta tech-nine in the mat I'm about to serve ya
Run up on ya and pull it on ya and put it through ya
Just to let you know what your hoe will do to ya


You better watch your ***** like you watch your mail
If you ain't train that ***** then you goin' to jail
Or gone be dead gone ? but runs they mouth
Love to fantasize about they man cars and house
You can give the ***** the world
She still gone give up that car
But you a nobody ***** that sellin' rocks on the block
You better watch your ***** cause I'm shinin' like diamonds
You bring her around me it's gone be a matter of time
For I **** your ***** and let you know about it
If you a trick *** ***** you'll be ****ed up about it
I hope you don't throw no ****in' fit about it
That's life and you really can't do **** about it
You wanna hi-side **** ride cause you think I'm on
You comin' to me wrong tryin' to popcorn ***** gone
For I catch a ***** aggravated see you then violated
You told them folk that I was drug related
I gotta grudge with the judge she ?
Domestic violence three years without parole
Watch your ***** and stop your ***** before your *****
Get your *** in a world of ****

[Chorus: x4]

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