Who Sang Shawty? Yo Gotti feat. D’Nero

Release information
Release Date: 2006-5-23
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Thug Rap
Yea yea mane, this D-Nero mane
Representin' them I&E Blockburners mane
Y'all know what time it is mane
Gotta grind before you shine mane
This not a game mane

[Chorus: x2]
Got white shawty cheap cheap price shawty
I'm in the club with that real clear ice shawty
I want a ***** that can do the whole click shawty
I'm just a young ***** tryin' to get rich shawty

I'm a pimp shawty plus I'm from the M shawty
And all these other rappers don't mess with them shawty
My life real shawty blood sweat and tears shawty
Through out these years I done told 'em how it is shaawty
No mills rap *****s they be broke shawty
Unless they sold a millon records or some dope shawty
We ridin' sprees and this suckas ridin spinners shawty
Cause we some vets and they some mah****in beginners shawty
We got green shawty we got lean shawty
We on the block where its hot serving fiends shawty
We in the club come on show a ***** love shawty
Forget a table dance Gotti wants some skull shawty


I'm kinda young shawty far from being dumb shawty
You got ya hand out but you can't get a crumb shawty
I'm street made shawty streets how I get paid shawty
Real huslaz hustle a hundred different ways shawty
Stuck in the game shawty ********** the fame shawty
Slung every thing from cocaine to Mary Jane shawty
I never quit shawty trying to get rich shawty
If it ain't bout a dollar really it ain't **** shawty
I'm O-G shawty ridin lo key shawty
You know me seatbelt big heat shawty
Shop open he ain't never closed shawty
Still on the post breakin down O's shawty


Smith and Wess V-V-S Mitchel and ness shawty
Never the less keep you a vest cause they will test ya shawty
24's that's the best VHS shawty
DVD and P-S-2 in ya head rest shawty
I'm on a mission shawty gotta give out my digits shawty
And see me clip a bag of them 5os off in my brithces shawty
I got my money right yep I been on the stretch shawty
6 days a week 23 and 1 in the crest shawty
And you can't bet shawty I'm one of few in the south
That really live the life that I be rappin bout shawty
I keep a glock 40 where I'm from we some fools
Anything goes we don't play by rules shawty


  • 1 That’s What’s Up (intro)
  • 2 I Got Them
  • 3 Full Time
  • 4 Where I’m At
  • 5 U a Gangsta Right?
  • 6 Spend It Cuz U Got It
  • 7 Cold Game
  • 8 Gangsta Party
  • 9 That’s What They Made It Foe
  • 10 25 to Life
  • 11 That’s Not Yo Bitch
  • 12 Shawty Violating (Wup That Hoe)
  • 13 I’m a Thug
  • 14 We Gonna Be Alright
  • 15 A Part of Thugs
  • 16 Warrior
  • 17 Shawty