Who Sang 5 Star Remix? Yo Gotti feat. Gucci Mane , Trina & Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Live from the Kitchen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-1-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 4:04
Ay, you know I'm lookin' for a five-star ***** talkin' bout burr
I'm talkin' homegirl be lookin' like she just stepped outta a magazine
I'm talkin' *****s I'm gonna be somethin' serious

Gotti here go twelve bars
Gucci Mane got nine cars
We don't call 'em dimes no more
'09 we call 'em five stars
I'm a five-star *****, this a five-star clique
That's a 645, this that new M6
Pay her bills, get her hair fixed
Might even pay her rent
And the way she give it to me
Best money I ever spent
I can't even lie, I'm so super high
Do not need her, will not keep her
Unless she is fly
Gucci Mane's a thug, B; your man is a scrub, see
She loves me now, she loves you not
Yea all my *****es love me
And if you in Atlanta
Look up Gucci, girl and beep me
And we can find a five-star hotel you can meet me

That's a five-star chick
Now that's a five-star chick, if your credit score high
Feet and nails stay fly, keep your juice-box wet
And your head somethin' fine
You a five-star chick
I want a five-star chick
I need a five-star chick
I need a five-star chick
I want a five-star chick

It's your boy Yo Gotti, I do grade A ****
I'm the realist ***** walkin'
And this the remix and still I'm out here lookin'
For a five-star chick
When I catch her, I'mma bless her
With a five-star kid
She a natural born hustla
She ain't chasin' no suckas
On a mission for a real *****
She ain't never ****ed a busta
So your cars and your jewelry that she really don't excite
And all them hatin'-*** hoes in the club want to fight
She was born in the A, went to school in D.C
Got a job in Dallas, Texas then moved to Tennessee
If you ain't a five-star, need to go ahead and face it
Fake Gucci, fake Louis, shorty that'll make you basic


See I'm a five-star chick
Cause I ain't that other chick
She been strugglin' for hers
From the womb I been rich
I ain't gotta talk about the money in the shoe game
All you gotta do is Google Trina
See the proof, Mane
Cause ain't none of these hoes, doing shows in a recession
They cards get declined, now they suffering a depression
While I'm spending meals, signin' all kinda deals
I'm a five-star chick, eatin' five-star meals
My whole lifestyle like Coming To America
All my Louis luggage
You see my bag, how I carry her
Walkin' through the airport
Like I'm in a parade on my hologram
Loggin' on to E-Trade


I just had a epiphany, I need to go to Tiffany's
Fendi on my slippers, and my cookies always slippery
I don't need help, I pay the bills on time
So I be yellin' **** 'em, with a dildo sign
Bye little Mama, you a three-star
I ain't sleepin' when I say I'm in my dream car
Oh, did I stutter, Harajuku hyphen
I'm hot I think its time to put the rice in
I was in the chair, I was gluin' my weave in
When you hit the stage
They was booin' and leavin'
Young Money, red flag, no more auditions
Ask Lil' Wayne who the five-star chick is

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