Who Sang Letter? Yo Gotti

Yo Gotti Live from the Kitchen cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2012-1-6
Genre: Hip Hop
length: 5:50
(Yeaahh Lil Lody on the track!)
I got a letter for you
Yeah, from the the bottom of my heart ***** 8/11
Dear I respect you like a little brother should
You gotta know, got a million dollar master plan
Bro I know you a man, I know you get your own money, I understand.
We kill for each other, Steal for each other, violate your parole I'll do them years my brother.
I just wanna do this music, you just wanna slang yay
Pray to God every day that we get on the same page
I got a letter for you, better yet I got some cheddar for you
***** play with
You know *****s like us, don't get
I'm on the road and *****s askin' bout you
They wanna hear you cause they hear a ***** rapping about you
no *****s with you
And they verified you a real *****!
You've been above, playing devil in the field, *****
But when you look at me, you're looking in the mirror *****
I'm what you made me, get money and take care of the fam. right ?
Ain't that what you told me
Ain't what my life like
One of a kind, blood line like no other *****s,
Sincerely yours, yo gotti, lil brother, *****!

You're going, going on, I'm saying
You and gotta be on the streets bro
If you're going back I'mma feel like its my fault

Letter to my *****s, letter to my family,
Letter to the streets, man we out here livin' scareless
Wrote a letter to my haters, told 'em I don't give a ****
When u see me in the streets u know what's up *****!
Letter to my *****s, letter to my family,
Letter to my haters, man I know they can't stand me
Wrote a letter to the fans, told 'em Ima live it up
If you want me come get me, I don't give a ****!

It's a letter to my tell 'em about their mommas
Tell 'em about 'em dad, how we met and got their numbers
Met 'em in the club, daddy was a
You got from
Daddy start tripping, start and crapping
*****es start
Treating momma like a queen
Momma just want a daddy
But daddy didn't miss us, so momma start being happy
It's a letter to my daughter, don't let a ***** treat you like I treat your momma
Your first words your first steps
On a road thinking dollars
And my son he's a mother ****er
We gotta burn like a mother ****er, tell him to fight
Never run from a mother ****er
You talk to daddy, he's a mother ****er, and back to me
like obstacles, life against the obstacles,
That's what done the impossible
But daddy came through
So why I try to tell you
You could be who you wanna be, do what you wanna do


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