Who Sang Change? Yo Gotti & Mike WiLL Made‐It

Mike WiLL Made‐It Gotti Made-It cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-6-2
length: 2:48
producer: Mike WiLL Made‐It, Scooly and TL On The Beat
performer: Yo Gotti
It been a minute since a ***** asked for chump change
Know what I'm sayin'
Feel me money

I got on 10 diamond chains and that cost a little change
And I pulled up in that Dawn
My ***** say that I'm a don
I'm not comin' in your club if I'm not comin' with my gun
You shouldn't be inside the strip club if your *** ain't throwin' ones
He came up, he gon' change
Naw *****, I'm still the same
If you get me in my feelings ***** I'mma go insane
He so petty, he be wiggin' out like give my purses back
Work too hard for this check and you *****es ain't deserving that
Got the ***** then I changed on her
She got pregnant, put the blame on her
Family members put a strain on her
Family problems put a strain on her
Popped a Xan then I changed on 'em
On a runway swappin' planes on 'em
Gotti still trappin', Gotti still thuggin'
I went platinum, ain't changed nothin'

Street deserve to know the truth
Shot fired, I'm in Peru
Who-who shot, I wish I knew
I'm just lookin' at the news
Interviews, interviews, interviews don't incriminate yourself
Think twice 'bout what you doin' youngin' don't eliminate yourself

I don't have no issues with *****s
I got problems with myself
Personality been crashin'
Think part of me too flashy
My young ***** too nast'
Main ***** too classy
All my *****es too ratchet
So all my *****es I'm zaddy
I look in the mirror ***** I see an icon
Gotta squeeze on the game that **** tight as a python
I make hits in my sleep, ***** I'm blessed I don't right none
Not yet put them bricks on the road in a Scion
I ain't never wanna change on 'em
Devil tried to put the fame on 'em
Haters tryna put a aim on 'em
Family problems put a strain on 'em
Stayed down campaign on 'em
Stayed down campaign on 'em
Everybody think I changed on 'em 'cause I stayed down and campaigned on 'em
Change, it come in due time it come with success
Change, I went to Nick Benny and ****ed up a check
I went to the hood and they say I changed
I looked in the mirror I looked insane
FN on my hip I'mma let it rip
So I hope the lil *****s don't play no games
I went from sellin' them nicks and dimes
I want a quarter ki, that's a nine
You talkin' pennies that's chump change
We on that gas that octane
All my lil *****s we gang gang
We got more chains than slave trade
We got more aim than a shooting range
And we all from the hood but we didn't change
Hundred thousand for a show
Yeah ***** that's some cool change
Eight hundred for the shirt
Saint Laurent that's chump change
Four hundred for the 'vert
4 bands for the syrup
Eight hundred for the purp'
30 bands for the work

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