Young Buck - Get Buck Lyrics

release date: 2007-3-27
genres: Hip Hop
styles: Thug Rap/Bounce
length: 4:15
producer: Polow da Don
vocal: Young Buck
mixer: Pat Viala and Alec Newell
recording engineer: Heineken "The Hitmaka" Gordon
Get 'em Buck!

Okay! I'm reloaded, my bankroll swole, and a ***** can't fold it
I got 'em like hey! Got 'em rollin'
The kush on the way, and the champagne frozen
Watch me do my thang; I got these hos open
I'm ridin' presidential like the **** that I'm smokin'
Water wit' the work, Patron on my shirt
And a zip ain't ****; I need a quarter p of Purp
Gon' break it down, pass it all around
I can serve Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown
Them dope boys in this *****, like let me buy that
Broke *****s in this *****, like let me try that
I need a beat in the *****; let me call Polow
Mr. Tennakey, I still get 'em for the low though
Shawty, light up the dro; I ain't ready to go
Can't ban me from the radio or **** up my show, you know

Haters tryin' to ban a ***** mayne (It's okay!)
I bounce back; watch me do my thang (It's okay!)
I got my Chevy hoggin' up the lane (It's okay!)
I'm a boss; I can make it rain (It's okay!)
Now get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)
Get buck, ***** (Watch me do the damn thang)

Let's play the game; I'm the quarterback; don't stop, homey
I go to jail if I get sacked, so block for me
Eight ball in my corner pocket; it's on and poppin'
Got the whole club leanin' wit' it, and body rockin'
Drunk drivin' in my Cut, dawg; I got my truck parked
Seventy Two Tennessee ***an, like what up y'all?
I'm home, boy, holla at ya homeboy
Better come quick; once I get it then it's gone, boy
First come, first serve; **** what ya heard
I'm piecin' out my pack till I come up on a bird
Blow the smoke out my nose, pimpin' on these hos
They know me at the bank, love me at the jewelry stores
I play it how it goes; the butterfly doors
On them old school vogues with the chrome on the toes
These **** *****s know that I will let it go
(I bet he got a vest) no, but I got my tech though


Yeah, you know what it is
How we do the damn thang down here
*****, what you workin' with?
Yeah, hey, my *****
Now don't be in the club throwin' ya rent money
Be broke in the mornin'
Have us laughin' at ya broke ***
Yeah, where my dope boys at?
Yeah, shawty, I see you!
Now pick up that god damn money!
Hey! Let's go!

Track Listing
CD 1
  • 1 Push Em Back
  • 2 Say It to My Face
  • 3 Buss Yo' Head
  • 4 I Ain't Fucking Wit U!
  • 5 Get Buck
  • 6 Buck the World
  • 7 Slow Ya Roll
  • 8 Hold On
  • 9 Pocket Full of Paper
  • 10 Haters
  • 11 U Ain't Goin Nowhere
  • 12 Money Good
  • 13 Puff Puff Pass
  • 14 Clean Up Man
  • 15 4 Kings
  • 16 I Know You Want Me
  • 17 Lose My Mind / 50 Cent - Funeral Music