Who Sang Play Wit Yo Bitch? Young Dolph

Young Dolph Gelato cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2017-2-3
length: 5:11
Oouu that drink raw..
Pass me a lighter man...
Aye I'm in the booth right now right
And I look around and I finally realize...
That I done turned myself to a m************ self made millionaire you digg
Everybody love me except for one group of b**** a** n*****...
Aye don't play with me, play with your b****
Let's go

[Verse 1]
Don't play with me, play with your b****
Young n**** on some multi million dollar s***
Fur coat, half a million worth of ice on
I'm lit up like a n**** cut the Christmas lights on
Why the f*** do you be so fresh Dolph?
Why you keep your foot on these n***** neck Dolph?
Cause we at the top, but we really from the bottom
Tell that p**** f*** em and that's how I feel about em
Heard your intro your last two mixtapes
I hear you slick dissin' but that s*** lame
All that make believe rappin' about cocaine
Don't play with me Ho Gotti you a hoe mane
You went from my biggest fan, to my biggest hater
Begging me to sign with you, but I had too much paper
Still that same n**** that used to front your big brother
Found that he a b**** too now I call him your big sister (b****)
You still that same n**** that was beefin' with a d*** (But you a gangsta tho?)
I cannot take you serious . Aight
They said them p**** n***** on your team iron your draws
They say you make them p**** a** n***** call you boss
But they can't call you King (why?)
Because that's Dolph
I can't drink all that two liter, because that's raw
The streets ours
That new 488 came with a lot of power
My lil n***** begging me to let them send some scattered showers
Don't play with me, play with your b****
Matter fact when I f***** her she told me you a b****
And tell that old n**** from my hood with you that he a b****
You make the city look bad, that's the truth
f*** n**** I be in North Memphis more than you
I shot my first twenty videos in my hood
You a p**** I heard they never see you in your hood
n**** quit playin'
Ten M's up, what the f***, I'm just sayin'
Oh you must be mad cause they call Memphis Dolphland
I'm at the Super Bowl my money on the Falcons
Aye you big head m***********
Why you hatin' so much?
Oh I forgot you came up rappin' dissin' Three 6 Mafia
Slick dissin' and dodgin' me n**** let's get it poppin'
Ole p**** a** n****
Ole p**** a** n****
Was talking 'bout me in your song " Pride To The Side "
Found my number in her phone and it hurt your pride
Found my number in her phone and it hurt your pride
When they hear this s***, they gon play it five times
Got a lot of foreign cars, that I get too high to drive
Don't play with me, play with your b****
Don't play with me, play with your b****
So, so I told myself a long time ago right
I said "I ain't gonna expose this p**** a** n**** man, cause we from the same city"
You know, and your whole p**** a** team know n****
I've been sparing your b**** a** for the past 5 years n****
You know that s*** man, come on man
CM who?
The Cocaine Musik f*****s
I know, you know, the whole m***********' city know
You's a b****
Don't play with me man, play with your b****
This ain what you want
I'm the same lil n**** bro, that was helping your big p**** a** brother put food on his table when you wasn't f****** with him bro
Put it like this, Aye Yo?
You was ridin' in the city beefin' with a d*** my n****
I don't know no gangsters that beef with m***********' d***s, my n****
That m************ song that touched down , " Reload It "
All that s***, whatever the f*** it was n****
n**** you was talkin' boutta d*** n****
n**** you was beefin' with a d*** out there in North Memphis were you from n****
n**** you a b**** n****
Ho Gotti I'm disappointed in you man
Stay in your place homie, you know what's up with me
Tell your fat a** big brother man I said he a b**** too
Matter fact your big sister
Tell your fat a** big sister that I said he a b**** too
Know what i mean ?
Aye you's a b**** n****
The whole city know that, streets know that
Stay out my way f*** n****
Aye, young n****, self made, rich s***, fast cars, fast b******, yeah...

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