Young Dolph - SMH 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2017-4-1
length: 1:24
When you met me, *****, I was just like this
Why the **** is you mad? (What you mad for?)
If a ***** don't work then he don't get paid
So why the **** is you mad? (I ain't got **** for a *****)
When I was ****ed up, you didn't **** with me
So why the **** is you mad? (Tell me that)
Why the **** is you mad? (What?)
Huh, why the **** is you mad? (Damn)

Dolph just pulled up in the hood again with some new paper tags (he got another car)
Got your girl in the passenger seat, she agreed to a one night stand (woo)
Don't talk to your ***** about me, she might become a fan (uh-huh, haha)
So why the **** is you mad? (Damn)
Oh that's why they mad? (Ha, yeah)
I just pulled up in that drop top (ayy, ayy, ayy)
With my shirt off and my hand cocked
Four chains on and a big watch (that's that big-faced Rollie, bruh)

Uh, I'm just doin' it how the **** done (yup)
'Cause this how we do it where I'm from (yeah)
I just ordered me another charm (bling)
And another whip and you know it's foreign (skrrt)
I just keep goin' and goin'
Countin' money at four in the mornin' (damn)
Crack the seal, keep pourin' and pourin' (pour up)
Oh is that why you mad?

Because I'm out here collectin' all this cash?
'Cause every chance I get I show my ***
I got two-somethin' on the dash (yup)
I don't want it if it don't go fast (nah)
I don't want her if she don't got no ***
Like my *****es thick and my weed strong
My partners real and my scrilla long (uh-huh)
Designer everythin', every day on this paper chase (ayy, ayy)
An extra five-hundred K, put away just for a rainy day (just for a rainy day)

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    country(area): United States
    format: Digital Media
    script: Latin