Who Sang No Way? Young Fathers

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Release Date: 2014-2-11
length: 2:50
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Count me in, G

Sitting in the parlour offerings of flour
Milk plantain rice for the bridal shower
Slaughter a goat two chickens and a ram
Sister Sade give me another round of rum

Palm wine bottle of star nothing to pay for
We’re not missing the chance offer of labour
Reducing me to pity
Ju-ju for her tata
Poison for your toto
If you see me Auntie
You better take a photo

Hollywood baby doll
Don’t sleep too long you might miss your train
Get on board now you ticking time bomb
Pull up trousers and fix your braids
Wondering eyesore watch out for the typhoid
And other things that possess your veins
Walking through the gutter on the way to the church
Another trimester to pull you out the dirt dirt

AK47 take my brethren straight to heaven
Tell the story that I’m living say the words and I am smitten
Some call it ***** I call it kitten it all depends on how it’s written
Got me feeling Presbyterian but inside I’m still Liberian
Never find peace the war is too pretty
I’m wired wrong the girls don’t pick me
I run like someone’s pulling me back pulling me back pulling me back

No way ohyaiehyayoi
No way ohyaiehyayoi
No way ohyaiehyayoi
No way

AK47 take my brethren straight to heaven

No way

CD 1
  • 1 No Way
  • 2 Low
  • 3 Just Another Bullet
  • 4 War
  • 5 Get Up
  • 6 Dip
  • 7 Paying
  • 8 Mmmh Mmmh
  • 9 Hangman
  • 10 Am I Not Your Boy
  • 11 I've Arrived