Who Sang Under the Waterfall? Yukka

Yukka It Isn't Safe cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2003-4-4
length: 4:49

Slip away on this summer night
You'll find me in the woods
When you run along the riverside to my hide-out

You'll remember the cascade and it's tender serenade
I'll hide behind a wall that showers down
Just follow the sound

It's the perfect hiding place
To conceil my guilty face
But the water can not cool the fire down

You see, baby, I had to run while they were gathering their guns
I was already shot once and so close to the heart

Under the waterfall tonight

The temptation never felt so right
Can you cure my burning appetite
Or am I just a sucker getting wet tonight

I am getting shot tonight for the second time
Get it right this time
I don't mind

Under the waterfall tonight

CD 1
  • 1 Starlight
  • 2 Under the Waterfall
  • 3 I Want You
  • 4 Don't Be Sad
  • 5 Cooling Down
  • 6 Sounds
  • 7 Shoot Me Dead
  • 8 Go Round
  • 9 Outside
  • 10 Nothing on My Mind
  • 11 Starlight #2