Who Sang The Return of the Holy One? YZ feat. Terminata

Terminata The Ghetto's Been Good to Me cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1993-11-9
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 4:37

Its the return of the holy one, return of the holy one
Abusive mental pictures through the users of the guns
Foot soldiers let off I often told ya
Some niggas known to slither but I'm not a cobra
Though I'm King and the Don so come on while I'm warm
I'm headed for the colleges and headed for the dorm
To classes, goaded by the masses
Some need to load their pistol so they did it and they ready… Freddie
Is dead finally so why you timing me
Some said, "Z come out before its too late"
Then I said, "God works in mysterious ways"
And he's always on time
Then they got a chill up the spine
They waited for the day for me to come back again
Ran home to tell their family and girlfriend
And just when they thought life would get cut short
I heard it, and came so they wouldn't feel deserted

[Hook - Repeat 2x]
It's the return of the holy one, return of the holy one
Return of the holy one, return of the holy one
Return of the holy one, return of the holy one
The holy one has finally returned, yes

Check it out... ya don't stop
YZ... ya don't stop
Brother Jah... ya don't stop
720... ya don't stop

Mostly, niggas don't approach me, closely
Cause I rock heads, I'm livin close to the edge
Ease back, I don't trust ya, might push me over
Then I might wanna bust while I fall from the bridge of London
To pass all the lives up from which I come from
The drum diddy drum
Call on the father cause I don't have no sand
To fall on, just a brick that a nigga just pitched
But I'm gonna hit the shit out the park
And come into your mind after dark keep it comin
Here I come the holy one
Back from Jerusalem again to look at what he done
Oom ballistic vibes a vibe I ride with Bro Tahun
So act like you know and give me room cause I'm the son
Compassion of gods Seven-Two-Oh


Check it out... ya don't stop
10-D... ya don't stop
Manny... ya don't stop
Rockin' Horse... ya don't stop

I heard somebody's talkin (naughty naughty) about me
They gettin' too personal, don't even know my circle
I guess that simply means them on my dick
Wimpy, comin up empty, dummy, funny
Who the hell they think I'm harassin?
I bump heads with the fuckin' Nappy Assassins
Quick to hook a beat up, beat a nigga silly
When I then get heated, then no one is seated
Jah spins the record funk, family on record
Baby Chill is the Don, one step beyond is fully leaded
I'm loaded, about to explode into my speakers where I'm headed
I'm dreaded, I said it, I fed it, or fed up
Niggas on the block talkin this and that
The punk's just vexed cause he don't know where the son is at
Don't know my sex, down with the X
I'm too complex, you got to play the next
Nigga, figure you're bigger but yo you know that I'm the one
So let me hear you speak for the son


Breakdown... and you don't stop
Brother J... and you don't stop
PX... and you don't stop
Paradise... and you don't stop


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