Who Sang Thinking of a Master Plan? YZ

YZ Sons of the Father cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:59


[Verse 1: YZ]
I've gotta plan,some sort of strategy
Hold my cause and get in touch with ESD
Give them the message, give them a red alert
Tell em I need em it's time to go to work
Tell em I'm home
Thinkin' of my prophets
Going out in the world to teach knowledge
To the brothers and sisters that don't know about the mother
About the right way to go
Stop them from selling out, teach them what pride is all about
Go out and tell them it's time to take a stand
YZ is workin', thinkin' of a master plan


[Verse 2: YZ]
Back again to explain what I expressed just a second ago
Cause' ya still don't know
At least ya don't act like ya do, and if ya do what am I going to do with you?
Here's my shoe, put ya foot in it
But see what i'm seein
Black power in the realm and the governments disagreeing
They can't see it cause' you're movin too fast
And they can't last, cause' they just had a blast
Not of the past, but of cocaine
They keep trippin and the addict takes a cigarette
And keeps dip[in] it, smokin' token paint, I don't play that
I'm frownin', while Mr.Reagan kept clownin'
Time for a change I mean a revolution, open your eyes, a black presidents a solution
Right in ya face and yo you still don't see it
Yo that's the way it's gonna be and I agree
Before the bomb comes down you gotta stand ya ground
And stop pullin ya own kind down, you need to stop clownin
So i'm a raise my hand for power
YZ is thinkin of a master plan


[Verse 3: YZ]
I got a tool known as a forty four
With a direct impact that can break down a door
Now why don't you think that I can break down the law?
If the laws corrupt as the president I saw
Ya learn to trust them I don't even know why I
Feel disgusted every time that I feel I, lost a brother
To the other man, he's lost in color, or the cocaine drug scam
A plan devised by the government, to keep a brother down
So i'm shovin' it, up the ass that it came from, we're number one
So you better stay away from, the sons of the father, coming from
Original land, of the mother
I'm thinkin of a master plan


Yo yo yo yo yo check this out
That false prophet over there better start thinkin about his people
Instead of always thinkin about himself
People you better go out side and see whats goin' on outside of your own door
The government can't do anything you can't do for your self
They only go as far as you let them go
So think of a plan on your own, and be free again
And if you don't, well you're just a modern day slave
And I would hate to see that for you brothers and sisters
Peace, im audi

CD 1
  • 1 Intro & Sons of the Father
  • 2 In Control of Things
  • 3 Back Again
  • 4 I'm Workin'
  • 5 Get It Right (Put on Your Bally Shoes)
  • 6 Mixel Plic Remix
  • 7 Tower With the Power
  • 8 Spank-Ed
  • 9 Who's That Girl
  • 10 Taggin' It Up
  • 11 Diss fo Liar
  • 12 Thinking of a Master Plan
  • 13 Father's Exit & Outro