Who Sang Who's That Girl? YZ

YZ Sons of the Father cover art
Release information
Release Date: 1990
Genre: Hip Hop
Style: Conscious
length: 3:19

I don't like dissin' chicks
But you will get one if you keep stepping up to her, you know what I'm saying?
Listen up. Just listen up

I'm sorry, baby, but the girl means more to me than you
Without the girl, what would I do?
But with her? I'd do just about anything
She's my queen and I'm her king, together we sing
She's my S, my O, my N, my Y, my A; I'm her YZ and we're sittin' in a tree
K-I-S-S, K-I-S-S, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Ya saw me, and you got hurt, but it's not my fault that your feelings are constantly at work, pounding
And always making sounds like hmmph
But it's time to step down
Girl I don't want no static
But every time you see me, you grab at it, you gotta have it
And we broke up about two years ago
And you still be talkin', always hawkin' that:

"Who was that girl? What is she to you?"
[YZ] Baby, you better stop doing that
"Who was that girl? What is she to you?"

You're caught up in an old romance, girl
It's time to take a chance on a new love
Like Jody once said, "time to step up"
Not at a one stop shop, but at a grocery market
Park it. Your heart is at a halt no more
It was my fault, and I'm sorry that my love was a woozy
But don't get the Uzi, cause I don't wanna die yet
I know where your head's at
Forgive and forget, let's start a new goal, let's lay a new path
I don't wanna feel the wrath
Every time I see you in the world, you always step to my girl
Let's stop the nonsense, cause it doesn't make good sense
So should I just let her stroll in the Jetta?
So every time she sees you, she could just take off
And you could just let off steam by screaming:

"Who was that girl? What is she to you?"
[YZ] They never learn. Right, De La?
"Who was that girl? What is she to you?"
[YZ] Here's your third diss, baby:

She and I are real close, a uno and a dos
A real good loving. No pushing, no shoving
Just true togetherness. Whatever's clever
I said "no," so she'll say "never."
Stand right by me, for better, for worse
This is the last verse of our conversation
Here's the situation: Idiodicy, idiot
So you better get hip to this:
You used to be my missus, but now you blow me kisses, cause you miss this
I know your wishes. They won't come true
This is from me to you

I thought you'd learn after I said it three times
Next time you step up to her you might get hurt
Don't keep asking me the same questions
We Audi

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