Zac Brown Band - Heather 歌詞

オリジナル盤発売日: 2005-12-16
length: 5:17
electric guitar: Barry Richman
background vocals: Sally Smithwick
percussion: Jen Lowe
bass guitar: Dani Bianchini
If you notice things aren't what they seem
I drink to give you less meaning
You're my Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
Without you it's always Monday

So don't walk away
I'm sure the pain will go away

Heather, I think we had a strong love
Under the garbage we can't rise above
And I heard a knock
Oh it was you
Since you've been gone you have no idea what I've been through

So don;t walk away
Just stay, give me one more day

I'm frozen
My eyes on the ceiling
I can't breathe when I've this feeling
So goodbye, this dance is over.
I'm so sad I won't be the one to hold her

Yeah don't, don't walk away
Just stay. Give me one more day
Just give me one more day
And I heard a knock
Oh, it was you

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  • 2 Whatever It Is
  • 3 Chicken Fried
  • 4 On This Train
  • 5 Better Day
  • 6 Valentines
  • 7 Curse Me
  • 8 Heather
  • 9 Junkyard
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