Who Sang Animezing? ZeaLouS1

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-8
length: 2:07

Argh, it's impossible
There's no way that a monster like this could exist

If I get you with the blade I'm making sure you don't heal
Like vampire on a D I'm a vam-peel
For real
I drink blood from all of your cuts
Then destroy an army berserk like guts

Tearing this apart because it's nerdcore hiphop
Beat you down like Spike from Cowboy Bebop
If you think you're bad you're going to have to show me, bro
Go a hundred and twenty percent like Togato

I've mastered the arts of [?]
Perfected technique shun Goku Satsu
I know everybody's moves like the Great Puma
Raging demon out in the dark like I'm a Kuma

Call me Jude Bay because I got a ninja scroll
Fighting for my life and to save my soul
Only demons who exist read and write backwards

Now form transmutation
Magic transformation
Shoujo sugar rooms the elation
With the northwest because I read gravitation
Lawful in the drug to expand the foundation

My design is by Clamp but I'm not cloud geese
The clown wand is my mic
I shout out, "release!"
Yes, the current muddle
Ichibam the emcees
Or at least she's number one in my D-D-D's

Never thought I was the type to get enraptured
By the story of the young cool wild card captor
Who fights for monsters and mental elementals
And who does so with grace cause she's ever so gentle

Don't get our relate to the story on the screen
Shoujo anime's had me since I was a teen
Or maybe since measles, which I watched as a child
So they would lay dormant until Clamp drove it wild

Chinna-chella glayer on my DVD player
Cheering on the soccer chee and who cower the slayer
Yeah I cry at the end
I feel so moved
Maybe that's the reason me and shoujo groove

Makes me feel like I'm alive
And I also realize
That shoujo mongo life shouldn't be idealized

Don't want to be a victim of the NHK
Just want to watch it go on repeat play

Yeah, that's for your anime heads out there
Ultraklystron, ZeaLouS1
It's anime-zing, yeah

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Army of Nerdcore
  • 3 Welcome to Our Block
  • 4 Battle Stance
  • 5 Healer
  • 6 Burn and Turn
  • 7 KFC
  • 8 Fuckin' Chicken
  • 9 Happy
  • 10 Typical Villain Rant
  • 11 Headshot
  • 12 My Guild
  • 13 Undefeatable
  • 14 Kind of the Boss Fights
  • 15 Double Dragon
  • 16 Live Without You
  • 17 Animezing
  • 18 Nerdstyle
  • 19 Serenity
  • 20 Rock the Mic
  • 21 Defenders
  • 22 Outro
  • 23 Meaning of Life