Who Sang Intro? ZeaLouS1

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-8
length: 1:27
Dear God, I know you're there, please here my prayer
I got a lot on my plate, that I'd like to share
I don't know where I'm going, but I know where I've been
Some see an unblemished soul, but You know that I've sinned
Some see a big smile, but You know the monster within
Some see a bright kid, but You know the mistakes I'll make again
Some see love and compasion, but You know the hate that I keep
Some see hope and understanding, but You know the dark where I weep
Some see eyes so light with life, but You know the scars I hide
Some see a dominating force, but You know the tears I cried
I share these things forever now, to those who'd lend their ear
The life behind the Zealous1, the fog will now be clear
And to my children, still unborn, who've yet to cry or laugh
I leave behind my stories to you, The Living Epitaph.

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Army of Nerdcore
  • 3 Welcome to Our Block
  • 4 Battle Stance
  • 5 Healer
  • 6 Burn and Turn
  • 7 KFC
  • 8 Fuckin' Chicken
  • 9 Happy
  • 10 Typical Villain Rant
  • 11 Headshot
  • 12 My Guild
  • 13 Undefeatable
  • 14 Kind of the Boss Fights
  • 15 Double Dragon
  • 16 Live Without You
  • 17 Animezing
  • 18 Nerdstyle
  • 19 Serenity
  • 20 Rock the Mic
  • 21 Defenders
  • 22 Outro
  • 23 Meaning of Life