Who Sang My Guild? ZeaLouS1

Release information
Release Date: 2007-3-8
length: 4:20

This one goes out to everybody in Azeroth
But especially for my ladies
Listen up

Are you alone in your LFG?
Gotta level up gotta Run DMC?
Do you got a tank that could pull a whole crowd?
Do you want to chill and just laugh out loud?
Do you got enough time to grind?
You could follow me cause I really don't mind
Tell me where to go and I'll take you there
Even got a few tickets for the Darkmoon Faire

I'm prepared to take you on a quest that you can I can share
Probably because its gray and both of us don't really care
Hold up, you got a quest that's red?
You go solo, you might be dead
Let me know the closest flight plan
And I'm on the way to come hold your hand

[Timbaland (JK)]
We can meet in the Blasted Lands
Playing in the sand in Gadgetzan
I can see us in Silverpine
PPP, fighting side-by-side
You can be my shammy
I can be your druid, girl we could do it
Cause there ain't nothing to it
See all I want you to do is join my guild

Let's go on a raid (my guild)
Form go get paid (my guild)
Baby give me first aid (my guild)
See all I want you to do is join my guild
Join us and them (my guild)
Then [?] (my guild)
Hell's Ice Cream Man
See all I want you to do is join my guild

When's the next time you're going to go ding?
The DPS is insane when I swing
I got your back next time we play
Gotta let you loot all of RFK
I got mats for your new enchants
I'm at the A8 for your epic pants
Even got a little gold on the side
Now you got a coda as a brand new ride

When I'm here nobody can gank you
Home is where the heart we'll take you
I'll be here when the road gets rough
Pushing at the pond in Thunder Bluff

I can't trade what I just now found
I would give it to you but it got soulbound
Come chill at the end with me
So we can fool around and get rest XP
Let's go

[Repeat Chorus]

Do you need a bag to fill up your slots?
I'm an alchemist, let me make you some pots
I can even cook, want a big bear steak?
We can go fish at Minstrel Lake

We're going to take this boss on a raid
Don't forget to repair your blade
You're with me so you got in made
Sipping on ice cold milk in the shade

I know the tavern gold's rubber cold
It's all good I got your your's on hold
Yes, of course, yours will match mine
Now I need you to sign on the line

Level up from what dance I presents
Much respects go to Chaos Vex
I rep Hell's Ice Cream Men
Thrall's my server, so lets begin

[Repeat Chorus]

CD 1
  • 1 Intro
  • 2 Army of Nerdcore
  • 3 Welcome to Our Block
  • 4 Battle Stance
  • 5 Healer
  • 6 Burn and Turn
  • 7 KFC
  • 8 Fuckin' Chicken
  • 9 Happy
  • 10 Typical Villain Rant
  • 11 Headshot
  • 12 My Guild
  • 13 Undefeatable
  • 14 Kind of the Boss Fights
  • 15 Double Dragon
  • 16 Live Without You
  • 17 Animezing
  • 18 Nerdstyle
  • 19 Serenity
  • 20 Rock the Mic
  • 21 Defenders
  • 22 Outro
  • 23 Meaning of Life