Who Sang One Day? ZeaLouS1

Release information
Release Date: 2006-11-1
length: 3:54

[Verse 1]
I was thirteen when it first arrived
The potential it possessed couldn't be described
Wires everywhere and they're all plugged in
The future of my life was about to begin

Hard line to the phone no gimmick to sell
The crazy ringtone way before DSL
Praying every time that the connection won't fail
Then I hear "Welcome! You've got mail"

There's so much to see and the world was mine
But I could only see it one hour at a time
Cussing people in the chatrooms I did best
Until my first account died from the ToS

My second time around I learned to play with progs
Macros, chat bots, and screw with logs
I learned to RP in the forest for fun
And that's when I met NaNina11

The past is in the present
Her presence is in the past
Thank god for the Internet
The time will go fast
Like Romeo and Juliet our life online
There ain't no coincidence
One day she'll be mine

[Repeat hook]

[Verse 2]
So many nights I was stuck to the screen
Full side-by-side because they made us a team
I couldn't take it anymore I broke the shell
Sent her an IM with an A/S/L

I so forgot to type I went OOC
It didn't matter, though, she responded to me
I was shock I didn't know what to say
When it came up, 11/F/IA

A new day began without the RP
For my birthday I got phone cards free
We talked about everything under the sun
I asked her to marry me the day will come

I got to meet her twice both short and sweet
The first time I got lost, then I got beat
That was so long ago in our life so early
But I will always forever love my girly

[Repeat hook]

[Verse 3]
Not a day goes by she don't cross my mind
Patiently awaiting anytime to find
Just a moment of a voice when I randomly call
Just a moment in the past that I can't recall

She is the one that I shared my dreams
She is the one that I just want to be with
Still so in love after all these years
And I still represent when Method Man hits my ears

I'm like that guy from Days Go By
Instead of break-dancing I wait online
[?] give it to you all night long
Hoping she can hear me when I play this song

Wherever she may be I hope she's happier than me
Maybe one day she'll be happy here when me
I don't know what it's tomorrows eyes
But I know for sure: true love never dies

[Repeat hook]

One day
One day
One day

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