Who Sang Blue Light Special? Zebrahead

Zebrahead Walk the Plank cover art
Release information
Release Date: 2015-10-7
Genre: Rock
Style: Punk
length: 3:25
Take it all don't wanna waste a fucking thing
Read about it in a magazine
Lies are cheap, but baby, talk is free
Falling further from reality

I got the
Weight of the world
A gun and a girl
Whatcha get ain't whatcha see
Out in the cold
Buckle and fold
Bones break inside of me
Spanish fly
Keeping me high
Take a picture while I bleed
Look in my eyes
Cannot deny
Vulture circle above me

Oh reality just isn't what it used to be right now
Yeah everyone is insane
Yeah we're so
Goddamn insane now
Reality, is this how life's supposed to be right now?
Yeah everyone is insane
Yeah we're so
Goddamn insane now

Fake it all don't wanna give yourself away
We'll believe it, probably anyway
Life's a bitch and baby I am too
Price of living in a human zoo

It's all just
Out of my reach
Blood sucking leach
Whatcha want ain't whatcha need
Tattoos and scars
Between the bars
Remind me who I used to be
A blinded third eye
Do or die
Kaleidoscope are all I see
Thorn in my side
Nowhere to hide
Vulture circle above me

Oh we hit a brand new low
Just how much further can we go
And I hate to say I told you so, but

Oh reality, is this how life's supposed to be right now
I say everyone's so fucking insane

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