One Good Spliff Lyrics - Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers

Release information
Release Date: 1999-7-13
length: 3:54
We gon' do our best
Never let it rest
Till our good be better
And our better best

Said I don't drink coffee
For they say
It's just not right for me
But what makes me irie
Is if I could get a little piece of tree

And build
One good spliff
Me and my little brothers
We take a ride
Gonna teach them
All the lessons that I have learned in life

One good spliff
Me and my younger brothers
We take a ride
I've gotta teach them
All the lessons that I have learned in life

Sometimes I feel the pressure
But I know that I'll be fine
Just as long as you got me
Something for my mind

Now let me get a rizzla
Little bit a herb
Light a old match
Let me settle my nerves
I gotta feel real high
Just to touch up on these tracks
Several ounces a day as a matter of fact

Now in Jamaica
Where the air is clean
And the buds all glisten with the glowing green
Guaranteed to lift you up
If you know what I mean
Read me loud and clear
Let me hear you scream
Now, you haven't been there
You should go there soon
And pass through the country
Get a touch of the boom
Go back to your shack or your hotel room
Call Mom and Pop says
I'll be home soon
Hanging with the Marleys all afternoon
And I ain't coming home till next May or June

Keep giving me the good vibration
It's giving me that inspiration
And I love that good sensation
Matter of fact
I think I might build myself one

One good spliff
Me and my younger sisters
We take a ride
One good spliff
Start the day out right
One good spliff
I didn't get no sleep last night
And I've got to get
One good spliff

I'm picking up
Good vibrations
One good spliff

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