Young Jeezy - What They Want 歌詞

Hey hoes ain't ****
And money ain't nothin'
And if it ain't nothin'
Then its gotta be somethin'
And if it ain't somethin'
Then its gotta be nothin'
And if he ain't showed the cash
Then he gotta be bluffin'
My dog hit me up
He say he gotta lick
Gotta bad jump shot
So he might shoot a brick
Talkin' records on my line
That's a technical foul
Don't know what the **** you talkin' bout
I'm hangin' up right now
***** you ain't nick cannon
And this ain't wild and out
Playin my position
I ain't tryin' to foul out
Instant replay yeah
We bout to find out
Hey where the referee
I need to call the time out

[Chorus: x2]
If young is what they want
Then young is what they gettin'
They ask me what I do I tell em teachin' for a livin'
What you say *****
I could show you how to make a mill right now
And I could show you how to make a mill right now

He say he just touched down
And he need a dutch downed
Second time he caught a date
Think he goin' out a way
Thirty six skyline
We goin' for the fresh down
Fresh planned defense
Every time he come around
We goin' to the super bowl
If I make this field goal
I understand you gotta beat
Let me turn this knee to three
He trippin' bout the extra point
Make sure you bring my extra cash
Next time I see your extra ***
Hold up call the play
Yeah I'm playin' quarterback
4 way 2 way bet I bring a quarter back
Weigh it up bag it up pass it to my runnin' back
I got short on my pay
That's a flag yell this way


Ninth inning bases loaded
I'm going for the grand slam
Tax free tax free
Don't give a **** to Uncle Sam
Youngin' playin' softball
You playin' softball
Yeah I'm playin' softball
Same colors golf balls
Catch me in the outfield
That's a whole lot of grass
Tryin' to buy a franchise
That's a whole lot of cash
Yeah that's right I'm savin' up
Think I'm gonna buy the team
Watch me get my bounty on
Trying to get my money clean
Always quick watch the *****
Cant afford another strike
If I make it through this ****
Then I can play another night
Money fight money fight
Gotta get my money right
But first I gotta kick these hoes
So make sure that you ridin' wit me


CD 1
  • 1 The Recession (intro)
  • 2 Welcome Back
  • 3 By the Way
  • 4 Crazy World
  • 5 What They Want
  • 6 Amazin’
  • 7 Hustlaz Ambition
  • 8 Who Dat
  • 9 Don’t You Know
  • 10 Circulate
  • 11 Word Play
  • 12 Vacation
  • 13 Everything
  • 14 Takin’ It There
  • 15 Don’t Do It
  • 16 Put On
  • 17 Get Allot
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